The Iacon System

A gateway system hosted by Azaphaer, within the confines of the Cybertronian city-state, Iacon. Home to cybertronian fictives.

We are a non DID/OSDD system, however have been diagnosed with C-PTSD/PTSD by our therapist.

The Host

Azaphaer / Starscream the First

Age - 26
Gender - Transmale (he/him)
Orientation - Gay Ace
Kintypes - Cybertronian, Astral Dragon
Hearttype - Raven

Most know me as Azaphaer online, and in other spaces as Starscream. I'm the host or the original of our system. It's been a long time since I knew I wasn't the only one in this body, and for the longest time I rejected it. It took me time to get comfortable with the idea of being plural and having the relationship I now do with most of my headmates. I took issue with "sharing" my body initially.

Being plural is something I've only brought up with my therapist once before I stopped going. I only stopped because I now feel mentally stable and don't require it for now. While I struggled a lot with dissociation and "who am I" throughout accepting my plurality, we've come to understanding.

The Archivist

Orion / Thomas
Age - 24
Gender - Male (he/him)
Orientation - Bisexual
Kintypes - Cybertronian, Polar Bear, Willow Tree

Hello, my name is Orion. I also go by Thomas as my chosen human name. I hold a lot of memories for the system and keep them safe in the library. I'm the oldest system member alongside Starscream, not in age, but my time here. I do my best to keep a level head and a rational mind for everyone's sake. I do enjoy fronting for reasons other than to help out, like trying new foods and gardening.

The Protector

Prowl / Preston

Age - 25
Gender - Male (he/him)
Orientation - Gay
Kintypes - Cybertronian, Malinois

I don't wanna write this, but here goes. My name is Prowl, but I prefer to be called Preston. I don't like to come out unless its absolutely necessary. I'm breaking my own rule to write this because Orion convinced me. I would rather be holed up alone to process things.

The Instigator Encourager

Rodimus / Chase
Age - 22
Gender - Male (he/him)
Orientation - Demiromantic/Gay
Kintypes - Cybertronian, Red fox
Hearttype - Phoenix

Sup, I'm Rodimus! My human name is Chase when I front. I like to come out and lighten the mood, brighten things up, and make sure everyone is happy. I enjoy a lot of things, and dislike very little. The last thing I wanna see is people who are close to me get hurt. They're the most important to me.

My favorite color is orange! Doritos, cheese puffs, and nachos are my favorite snacks! I like to meet new people and make new friends :D

The Problem Solver

Wheeljack / Nathan

Age - 32
Gender - Male (he/him)
Orientation - Asexual
Kintypes - Cybertronian, Thermonuclear Reactor

Egh, the name's Wheeljack. I'm new around here and don't want t'be expected ta stick around for too long. I'm more of a wanderin type. I like ta fix things and figure out how they tick. Nothin else overly excites me unless its ta do wit technology.

The Headspace

Location: Iacon City, Cybertron
Cityformer: Iaconis(A large cybertronian titan who makes up the city itself.)
Main Buildings: The Hall of Records(aka the library), Nova Point, Maccadams Old Oil House, The Tower, Police Station.
Ships within the limits: The Lost Light(in orbit), The Nemesis(nonfunctional)

One of Cybertron's cities of the elite. A place only high caste cybertronians were given access. Gilded in illuminate gold, it is said to be one of Cybertron's brightest cities and a desirable destination. During the war it became the Autobot capital city. Now, we call it home.

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